Carnets de voyage

Destination: Reunion Island

Although Gourmandises is entirely dedicated to French Patisserie, my blog will be a mix of sweet and savoury dishes, here I really want to share my passion for food in general, not just patisserie. Of course, I will keep you up to date with my adventures at Gourmandises.


What a better way to start with a journey through the food of my childwood, back to my roots, back to the flavours and ingredients I was brought up with.

Over the next few weeks my blog is taking you to Reunion Island with its colourful and wonderful flavours.


Reunion island is situated near Mauritius and Mayotte; they are part of the “Mascareigne archipelago” and are known in the area as the sisters islands, “Les îles soeurs”. Reunion is a French colony and therefore trades in Euro.

The food is a fusion of French, Creole, Indian and Chinese. This heritage comes from the colonisation. At the time, the island was part of the route for slaves and spices. As a result, ingredients such as curcuma, massala, ginger and chilli are common in creole cooking.

Fusion of flavours illustrates really well what creole food is all about. Farmers markets are extremely popular here. It is also a tradition for small producers to sell their produce by the roadside. So fresh ingredients are always available.