Creole cooking with Corinne Payet

creole cooking

A masterclass in creole cuisine at Just Cook Cookery school

Reunion is a French Colony off the coast of Madagascar, where Creole cuisine reigns as a sensational fusion, influenced by Chinese, Indian, African and French culture. This class offers a very unique opportunity to taste and create a selection of typical Malagasy dishes, that will definitely add some spice and originality to your cooking repertoire.

As there are no restaurants in the UK serving this food, and no other Cookery Schools offering this cuisine, this is an exciting opportunity to discover something new. Corinne Payet, who was born on the island of Reunion, will introduce you to the various spices and flavours from the island. You will have the opportunity to cook a selection of traditional Creole dishes, including:

  • Chow Chow Salad with prawns, flavoured with kaffir lime
  • Chicken and Pak Choi Cari with perfect Basmati rice and a Rougail
  • and a Tarte a la Mangue for a zesty dessert.

The price includes all ingredients, lunch with wine or a cold beer, recipes from the day and you get to take home a unique dinner to share amongst friends and taste a cuisine like no other!

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