French wedding cakes: a simple guide

With so many aspects to think about, planning a wedding is far from a simple affair. When it comes to the wedding cake, there are so many options to choose from, that you can easily get lost. I won’t venture in giving you a full account. I will instead concentrate on my speciality, French wedding cakes.

In France, the tradition is very different from the UK. The go to cake for this very special day is a croquembouche, that we actually call “pièce montée”. The croquembouche is a spectacular tower of small profiteroles called “choux”. These are traditionally filled with a vanilla pastry cream “crème patissière”. The croquembouche is then decorated with spun sugar, nougatine and sometimes sugared almonds or edible flowers.

French wedding cakes: a simple guide

Although the Royal iced cakes have slowly made their appearance in France in recent years, it is not a tradition. Instead, we will serve beautiful gateaux such as operas, fraisiers, entremets. These cakes are layered with genoise, ganache, pastry cream, fruit jellies. They are very elegant and sophisticatedly decorated.

French wedding cakes: a simple guide

“La table de desserts” The patisserie table is another French favourite. This is an opportunity to have a variety of desserts. Allowing guests to indulge in not just one but an array of French patisseries. It can be a selection of gateaux and traditional tartes or a multitude of small, mouth watering petits fours (sweet canapes).

Like in France wedding trends have changed an awful lot  here in the UK. The traditional iced cake is not always a first choice. Couples are happy to break the traditions and search for a different kind of showstopper. Croquembouche, in my 8 years in business has definitely been a growing trend. Who can resist this showstopping tower of profiteroles?

I hope you find this little guide useful. If you are looking for a different king of wedding cake for your wedding. Do get in touch [email protected]