Lemon Tart with Passion fruit

Tarte aux Citrons Galets de Cilaos et aux fruits de la passion

I just had to cook with passion fruit, they are in season right now in Reunion. I also had to experiment with the lovely “citrons galets de Cilaos” (it literally means rock lemon). This type of lemon grows in the mountains of the island on a rich volcanic soil. It is much more fragrant than the lemons that we find in our supermarkets. So, if you want this lovely fragrance to come out in your tart, I suggest that you use lime instead.


1 sweet shortcrust pastry (to cover a 24 to 25cm tin)

4 eggs/3 lemons/ zest of 2 lemons/ 3 passion fruits/175g caster sugar/250ml double cream

Set your oven to 200°C. Butter and flour a 24/25cm tin and roll out your pastry. Cover the top of your pastry with baking paper and pour some rice or cooking beans over it and pre-cook your pastry for 10 mns, take out the baking paper and cook for another 10mns until slightly brown. Or, you can do it my way, once your pastry is in your tin, stick it in the freezer for an hour or more, until completely frozen, then put it in the oven straight away for 20/25mns.

Lower your oven temperature to 100°C. For the filling, mix the eggs with the sugar without whisking. Take the lemon zest and keep aside. Juice the lemons and pour it into your egg mixture. Slice the passion fruit in half and take out the pulp (please don’t even try to take out the pip, they make the taste and the lovely looking tart), mix it with your egg mixture then pour the double cream and add the zest. Finally pour the entire mixture into your tart tin and cook for 40mns to an hour depending on your oven. You need a slight wobble at the top.

Leave your tart to cool completely before putting it into your fridge for a good hour or two.

Enjoy with a lovely glass of Pink Champagne!