Madeleines with a touch of Christmas cheer

madeleines with a touch of Christmas cheer

It is the season…someone in  my street has already switched their Christmas lights. Although I do enjoy Christmas a lot, lights and everything else not until December for me please. But I do love this time of year, the call for comfort food lighting and every thing else. So here is a little recipe for you to try on those rather chilli nights, ” Madeleines with a touch of Christmas cheer.”

I published the classic madeleines recipe a couple years ago, this one is an updated version. Ingredients have not changed, so I’m not going to duplicate the content here, click for the full list of ingredients.

What you need to add to this recipe is:

Half a tsp of nutmeg

Half a tsp of cinnamon

Half a tsp of cloves

The zest of two oranges and two lemons

A table spoon of rum or your favourite tipple

Use dark muscavado sugar for this version

The method does not change either, just add the spices to your sifted flour, and the zests to the sugar and eggs.

As this is Christmas add a Tbsp of rum to your mixture.

Eat your madeleines straight out of the oven or let them cool completely and dip them in dark chocolate for extra richness. It’s Christmas after all.

Bon appétit


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