Patisserie: yes you can!

A Masterclass in the art of Patisserie

gourmandises patisserie masterclass1

In the world of baking, patisserie always comes as the creme de la creme. And very few of us will even dare having a go. Those beautiful “petits gateaux” that we enjoy looking at in the French boulangeries, also look very difficult to make.

So, I really felt on a mission, when Maxine from Just Cook Cookery school invited me to showcase my skills. I was determined to show that with a bit of patience, patisserie is accessible to anyone. “Patisserie, yes you can!”

Three lovely ladies joined us on a Saturday afternoon to do just that, although very keen bakers, they had never tried to make a gateau before, “looks so complicated they said”.

The class was hands on all the way through, from genoise sponge, meringue butter cream, glossy chocolate ganache and chocolate marble, they did it all. They learned the art of assembling a “petit gateau”. It’s all about the layers and adding that final touch, that little “je ne sais quoi” that will lift your cake to the “wow”.

Patisserie masterclass  Patisserie masterclass  Patisserie masterclass

Despite a few “faux pas” here and there, the results was truly astonishing!

gourmandises patisserie masterclass

The class that was supposed to last only 3 hours went for an extra hour as these ladies surprised themselves.

gourmandises patisserie masterclass

Watching this wonderful photo, I think I can say that I have achieved my goal, “Patisserie, yes you can!” These ladies had never done it before! In just over three hours they managed to produce those little beauties.

Watch this pace as there will be more masterclasses coming-up. If you fancy something spicy, I will be hosting a creole cookery at Just Cook, on Saturday 23rd April, details here. If you’re coming from Cambridge, it’s on the line to London, and the school is literally a 2 minute walk from Newport Station!