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Strawberry, raspberry vol au vent

Strawberry, raspberry vol au vent

strawberry, raspberry vol au vent

This recipe is perfect for a posh dinner party, high tea or just as a treat to share with your family and friends. Vol au vent more often used for savoury dishes literally means “blow in the wind” possibly to describe the little hollow puff pastry. So we are going a bit against the norm here with this strawberry, raspberry vol au vent.


One roll of puff pastry ( please go for a pastry made with butter)

3 egg yolks

100 g sugar

500 ml milk

47 g of corn flour

A drop of vanilla paste

A punnet of raspberries

A punnet of strawberries

3 ginger nut biscuits

A few mint leaves for decoration


Vanilla pastry cream:

In a pan, bring your milk to the boil, in the meantime whisk your egg yolks and sugar to a white consistency, then add your corn flour and whisk again until completely incorporated. Once your milk has boiled, pour a 1/3 of it into your egg yolk/sugar mixture and whisk as you pour, once mixed, pour the rest of the milk and pour the entire mixture back into the pan, on the lowest heat possible and whisk until your mixture thickens. Once thickened, pour into a container and add the vanilla drop, mix and cover the top of your pastry cream with a cling film and put it in the fridge to set for a good 2 hours.

To make the pastry cases:

Pre-heat your oven to 180° C, cover a tray with parchment paper. Using a 10 cm pastry cutter cut 6 to 8 circles, place them on your baking sheet and cook for 15 to 20 mns until golden brown. Let them cool on a wire rack.


Crush your ginger nut biscuits. Once the pastry cases have cooled, carefully remove the centre, spoon a good dollop of pastry cream inside and fill the top with strawberries and raspberries, sprinkle with the ginger nut biscuits and add the mint.

Et voilà! Enjoy with a glass of rosé or a delicious cup of tea.

strawberry, raspberry vol au vent





Pastry Masterclass

Pastry Masterclass


Pastry Masterclass

If you’ve always thought that making pastries was a job for the professionals, let me tell you it’s not. This class will teach you in easy steps how to bake the perfect pastry, with no soggy bottoms.

In this class you will make:

  • Your own sweet shortcrust
  • You will make ganache, creme patissière, frangipane and various curds

You will also learn some quick techniques to decorate your bakes
You will then bake your own little tartes
This class is opened to everyone, even a complete novice, it’s a hands on and a fun one to attend, plus you will go back with a box of your own creations to enjoy at home.

A drink and nibbles will be provided.

7 pm until 9 pm

Price: £55

To book, contact Corinne [email protected]

Rhubarb and frangipane tart in a filo pastry

Tangy rhubarb against the sweetness of the frangipane: a marriage made in heaven! If you enjoy cooking with seasonal ingredients, you will enjoy this recipe: rhubarb and frangipane tart in a filo pastry.

We are at the beginning of the rhubarb season, and this is obviously when they are at their sharpest. I love cooking with them, they are wonderful used in both savoury and sweet dishes. Their sharpness is nature’s little reminder that winter is coming to a close and bouncy spring is on its way.

alt="rhubarb and frangipane tart in a filo pastry"


Filo pastry (six sheets) and 100g of melted butter

120g ground almonds

120g sugar

2 eggs

120g butter (softened)

2 rhubarb sticks

3 tsp of muscavado sugar

1 tbsp of whisky

Flaked almonds for the topping


Set your oven to a 180º C. For this recipe you will need a rectangular loose tart tin, if you don’t have one you can use an 8″ round loose tin.

For the frangipane, in a food processor, mix the ground almonds, the sugar, the butter and the eggs to a smooth paste.

Brush the filo sheets with the melted butter and line them one at a time inside your tin, making sure that they overhang a little bit over the sides of your tin (this is important as this is what’s going to give your tart a rustic finish once cooked), repeat this process until the tin is completely lined. Then add the frangipane mix  and spread it evenly with the back of a spoon.

Cut your rhubarb into batons of 8 cm (roughly the width of your tin). In a pan, add your rhubarb and a knob of butter, sprinkle with 3 tsp of muscavado sugar and leave to cook for 3 minutes just enough to give your rhubarb a dark golden caramel colour then add 1 tbsp of whisky and let this liquor reduce for another minute.

Arrange the rhubarbs on top of your frangipane and pour the syrup left in the pan over them, then sprinkle with flaked almonds and pop in the oven for 30 to 40 minutes until nice and golden on top. Pop a skewer inside, if it comes out clean it’s cooked, if not, pop it back in the oven for a few more minutes.

Serve warm with a dollop of double cream or vanilla ice cream.

Et voilà: rhubarb and frangipane tart in a filo pastry!

Bon appétit!


alt="rhubarb and frangipane tart in a filo pastry"