Thinking about making your own wedding cake: here’s why maybe not?

Thinking about making your own wedding cake: here’s why maybe not?

I know what you’re thinking. “As a French wedding cake designer, of course, she’s going to say don’t make your own wedding cake!” Well, I understand your point.

I’ve always wanted to write about this but to be honest I’ve never felt I could, for exactly the same reasons as stated above. Until recently…

I had a lovely wedding consultation recently with the mother and father of the groom. Their son is getting married in September and they decided to go for a croquembouche. It is a gay mixed couple, one of the grooms is French and the other is from the States.

So mother of the groom, who’s French, typically thought to herself, I can do this.

But she was clever. Before she embarked into the task completely blind, she thought to herself, I’d better give it a go first. And then decide if I can commit or not.

Here is the story as she told me:

She went on and tried to make a 3 tier cake, 100 guests are expecting to come to the wedding. So, a 3 tier was a good guess from her part.

So she made the tiers, no real issues with that she said. Although, she did mention that it took her much longer than she thought.

Then, onto setting the tiers, this is when things started to go wrong she said. “It just didn’t look stable”, “they were not levelled properly” “it just didn’t look right for a wedding cake”

Then she talked about delivering the cake, “how on earth would I do that?” “It’s my son’s wedding, I can’t really mess it up”, ”

She also added: “when would I have time to make it?”, “that week, there is so much going on, can I add anymore stress?”

As you’ve figured from what she said she quickly came to the conclusion, that maybe she should live the task to the professionals.

Thinking about making your own wedding cake: here’s why maybe not?

Here are a few points I’d like to add about the matter.

Wedding planning is a stressful affair. Some tasks can be done by friends and family, but some should be left to the professionals and the wedding cake is one of them.

The wedding cake is the showstopping piece that guests will remember.  You want that wedding photo to look good for many, many years.

Here is the thing. As professionals, we take the stress out of the preparations. We know how long it takes to make a wedding cake, because we do it all the time.

We know how to present it beautifully, so that photo looks incredible.

We know how and when to deliver that cake, so it arrives on time and in good shape.

We are experts at what we do, because we have been trained to do so.

We are here to take the stress out of your day and make sure it is a memorable occasion.

Thinking about making your own wedding cake: here’s why maybe not?

Dare I say “food for thought”