Unique celebration cakes

Celebration cakes that you won’t find in a supermarket!

Last week, was another busy week baking at Gourmandises, as well as my regular deliveries to my lovely delis and my farmer’s market, I was also baking some very special celebration cakes for a 40th and 60th birthday.

Now I know what you’re going to say, so what?

A few weeks ago, I got a phone call from a lovely gentleman, called Andy. Andy found out about Gourmandises on Google, he was looking for something out of the ordinary, delicious and impressive at the same time. He had a look around the supermarkets, but what they had to offer he said, “was not very interesting”. So he had a look at Google and found Gourmandises.

He went and ordered four of my special celebration cakes.

Fraisier Celebration Cake

What Andy found at Gourmandises, supermarkets can’t deliver.

When I created Gourmandises, I had a customer like Andy on my to mind. I really wanted to create a wow factor. Every time I bake, I imagine the smiles on my customers faces. I love what I do, yes, but I want to do it right. It’s got to look amazing but it’s got to taste delicious too, and this is something difficult to get when you produce high volumes like many supermarkets do.

At Gourmandises you will get the personal touch, you will get to speak and meet the pastry chef. It’s all about passion not quantity!

What can I say, a big thank you to Andy for supporting a small independent retailer like me.

If you want your celebrations to be as special as Andy’s, get in touch, I would be delighted to speak to you.

Corinne Payet